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Prepaid Debit Cards

The prepaid debit card gives you the power to manage your money. You can direct deposit to your card and easily withdraw cash in-store.

  • No minimum balance.
  • Choose the right fee plan for you.

*Card usage is subject to card activation and identity verification.

Check Cashing

Turn your check into cash without a bank account. ACE is one of the largest check cashing services in the United States. Our convenient process does not require a bank account. We make it easy!

  • No credit check necessary.
  • No waiting. Get your funds today. Most types of checks accepted.

Bill Payments

With ACE Cash Express, paying bills has never been simpler. We can help you pay your bills accurately and quickly. All types of bills can be paid, including electricity, gas, water, cell phone, cable, satellite, insurance, credit card, and more!

  • Over 13,000 available merchants.
  • Bills are paid using MoneyGram.
  • Multiple payment methods accepted.

Money Orders

Money orders are a safe, widely accepted form of payment. Because you have a receipt of the transaction, the money order is traceable if it is lost or stolen. Purchase your money orders in any denomination up to $1,000 (varies by state) by visiting an ACE Cash Express store.

  • Fees starting at $0.89.
  • Deposit money orders into bank accounts.
  • Secure and fast.

Money Transfers

When you need money sent worldwide in a flash, the money transfer service can help you get your cash where it needs to go. With options for same-day and three-day services, you can choose the speed or cost savings that fit your needs.

  • Send money to over 200 countries.
  • Money is sent securely by MoneyGram®.
  • Same day service available