Payless Power

Payless Power may be able to help you save money with prepaid electricity in Texas. Instead of giving the customer only two options – pay your bill in full or be shut off – Payless Power strives to be flexible with payments and may allow weekly (or even more frequent) payments to fit your budget.


Prepaid electricity may save you money.

You could get up to a 20% lower rate than traditional power companies. With daily monitoring, you can stay conscious of how much power you're using throughout the month. Staying in control means there are no surprises on your electricity bill.


No long-term contracts. No deposits.

Everyone deserves access to electricity. Regardless of the electric plan you choose, Payless Power requires no deposit, no credit check, and no long-term contract. If you live in one of Payless Power’s service areas, you could have access to electricity for your home.


Monitor your usage and manage your budget

With Payless Power’s personalized text or email alerts, you can monitor your daily usage, energy costs, and account balance. At the end of the month, you’ll receive a statement detailing your prior month's payments, charges, and savings history.


Fast connection with smart meter.

Smart meters allow service to be connected or switched on in just a few hours.

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