January 3, 2012

Category: Tax Advice

Get your Tax Return Check Faster!

After working all year and paying government payroll taxes, you deserve to get your tax refund check as quick as possible.  ACE Cash Express can help with one of the fastest ways to get your cash back.  It’s quick, easy and secure.  Just collect the document requirements to file with the U.S. Government then take them to your tax preparer and ACE will get your Tax Refund Check faster.   Here’s what you may need:
  • Pay stubs or a 1099 Form
  • W-2’s
  • Record of tips earned
  • Proof of purchase for a home or car.
  • Record of investments or contributions to retirement accounts
  • Bank and brokerage statements
  • Receipts for deductible items
  • Insurance and medical records
  • Theft or loss documents
  • Charitable records
  Here’s how it works:  

The quickest way to have your return processed and issued is electronically.  Your wait time will be cut in half.  So, collect your necessary government documents listed above and then go to www.MyRefundFast.com to apply for a no credit check, no hassles ACE Elite Prepaid Debit card.  It only takes a few minutes and may save you weeks in getting the tax refund you’ve earned.  When you’re approved for the ACE Elite card, you’ll also get the information required and the next steps needed to sign up for direct deposit; whether for payroll or taxes.  

  Don’t pass up this opportunity to get your Tax Refund Check in as few as 8 days!!!       

  Frequently Asked Questions:

1.      When will I get my federal tax refund?

The most accurate way to know when you will get your refund is to use the “Where’sMyRefund?” online refund tool from the IRS.  “Where’sMyrefund?” will usually have information about your refund 72 hours after the IRS acknowledges receipt of your e-filed return.  You may access this tool by clicking on the “Return Status” button in the upper right hand corner of MyFastRefund.com.  E-filers who request direct deposit to the ACE Elite card expect to receive their refund between 8-21 days from the date the tax return was e-filed.  It’s our job at ACE to make this process simple so you’ll get the money you deserve as a quickly as possible.

   2.      When will I get my W-2 form? 

1Your employer is required to mail your W-2 by January 31. However, many employees begin receiving theirs in mid-January.   

3.      When can I start filing my taxes?

1 You can start filing as soon as you receive all of your required forms, which may include a W-2, 1099 Forms, or more.   

4.      When are 2012 taxes due? 

 If you haven’t filed for an extension, your tax return must be e-filed or postmarked by April 17th, 2012. 1 

   5.      How do I get my refund on my ACE Elite card? 

Simply give your bank Routing and Account numbers, to your tax preparer or enter them in the designated fields if you are filing your own taxes.  (Be sure to mark the “Checking” box in the “refund” section of your tax form). 1  

6.      Where can I withdraw cash from my card?

Withdraw cash from any ACE location – up to $4,999.00 within 24 hours; also at virtually any ATM; or ask for cash back with purchases, where available. (Fees may apply.)  

7.      Where can I use my ACE Elite card? 

 Everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted, both online and in stores. ACE Cash Express does not offer tax advice and should not be considered a tax service.  Please consult your advisers if you have questions regarding your taxes.