February 27, 2013

Category: Smart Spending

Spring Cleaning Tips

With warmer temperatures and sunnier skies often comes the urge to rid our homes of that cooped-up, musty winter vibe. But where do you even begin? The idea of cleaning your house from top to bottom can be overwhelming, but if you break down the job into categories and tasks, it becomes manageable.

For example, you might designate three types of cleaning jobs: sorting and storing, deep cleaning, and de-cluttering. Sorting efforts could include packing away sweaters, coats and other winter clothes, setting aside anything that’s outgrown, torn or stained. As the name implies, deep cleaning refers to tasks like scrubbing baseboards, bathtubs and sinks, and generally making every surface shine. And de-cluttering can be as simple as finding new storage solutions and giving away unused items.

Here are a few specific tips for spring cleaning success:

  • Pack away winter clothes in bins that fit under a bed. You’ll free up closet and drawer space without creating visible clutter somewhere else.
  • Inventory your cleaning supplies and restock as needed. For an inexpensive and eco-friendly option, distilled vinegar can be used to clean nearly everything in the house – from the microwave to the coffee maker to the bathtub.
  • Remove your drapes, blinds and other window coverings and clean as appropriate. Drapes can be either machine washed or dry cleaned. Blinds can be wiped down with a damp towel or furniture polish. These items really absorb dust and odors, so washing them will make a big difference.
  • Get the family involved! Even young children can dust, wipe down countertops, put away toys and sort laundry. Giving everyone a few tasks makes spring cleaning more of a family mission and slightly less of a chore.
Spring cleaning can freshen up not only your home but also your outlook on life. So don’t let this job intimidate you! The results are well worth the effort.