November 26, 2014

Category: Smart Spending

6 tips that most people forget

Black Friday
  • Take advantage of the Black Friday apps. and group all the deals together for you by the latest deals, retailer, and category.
  • Compare prices. Use and to compare prices and make sure you are really getting a great deal, especially for video games, electronics and gadgets.
  • Compare ads. Many stores sell stripped down versions of items for a great price, but then you end up paying extra for accessories.
  • Take the ads with you. Most stores that offer a “lowest-price” guarantee require an ad to do the price match.
  • Do your research on big ticket items. Check customer reviews and consumer reports first. Just because it was cheap, does not mean that it is a good deal!
  • Most importantly. Stores are getting very strict with their return policies. Don’t forget the gift receipt!