June 9, 2011

Category: Money Management

Save money during the hot summer months

Fortunately for consumers, there are a number of methods for reducing electricity costs during the summer, according to a report from the Grand Forks Herald. One of the simplest ways to do so is to install awnings or other shade-giving methods over windows, which will reduce the amount of heat they absorb and keep rooms cooler with little actual cost to homeowners. In addition, opening windows at night, when temperatures start to drop, will be far cheaper than running an air conditioner or even a fan all night. 

Many consumers may leave lights on when they leave a room, which will not only add to the amount they pay for electricity at the end of every month, but can also increase the amount of heat in the room, depending on the type of bulb they use, the report said. A study by Xcel Energy - a major power provider in many states - consumers that turn off the lights when they leave a room can cut their power use by 15 percent every year, and save $80. 

In addition, consumers who have ceiling fans may find that by setting them to rotate counterclockwise during the summer, they can keep their homes far cooler than normal without once turning on an air conditioner, the report said. By spinning counterclockwise, a ceiling fan pulls all the cool air in a room upwards, decreasing its temperature by as much as 10 degrees and using substantially less energy than an air conditioner. The latter is also true of using standing fans, particularly those placed in open windows. 

Further, consumers who want to keep their homes cool should also cook outside whenever possible, the report said. By doing so, the extremely hot temperatures that may come from a stove or range will not be trapped in a house, forcing air conditioners and fans to work overtime to keep rooms comfortable. Ace Cash Express is a leading provider of financial services including prepaid cards, short term loans, auto insurance and check cashing.