June 9, 2011

Category: Budgeting

Winning Customers with Game Changing Service

Every now and then you hear about a product or service that makes so much sense you find yourself asking why other companies don’t offer it.  Nikon came out with a reasonably priced digital camera with Wi-Fi.  At first I shrugged until learning that it changed the picture upload process for all time.  By using the Nikon Coolpix S610C camera, I no longer have to attach a camera to my computer in order to transfer photos and video.  No plugging, no wires, no hassle.  Just power on the camera and the computer, transfer pics to your Facebook account and pat yourself on the back.  Got to love it, right? 

Here’s another game changing example of how to race ahead of the pack.  By now every movie lover has heard of the Red Box automated movie DVD rental phenomenon.  Who knew that all you had to do was drop a movie kiosk in a retail space and watch the lines form? McDonald’s, the fast food giant, that’s who.  Subsequently, there are several movie rental companies trying to duplicate the Red Box business model.  Things haven’t changed much since the first vending machines were built in the U.S. way back in 1888.  The Adams Gum Co. sold chewing gum on the New York City train platforms and consumers still line up to an automated machine to purchase products and services provided in a convenient manner at a fair price. Just the other day I overheard a discussion between friends that caused me to become nosier than usual.  When they mentioned a particular financial institution offered ATM services my ears perked up.  Having been a banking center manager in the past, I wondered what they were talking about.  ATM’s (Automated Teller Machines) as we know them have been around since Wells Fargo installed ten Express Stops at Southern California locations in 1978.  I wasn’t impressed until discovering that ACE Cash Express offers ATM services that take typical money distribution to another level. I was somewhat surprised to find the company that employs me offers a service that banks should but don’t.  Well, that was enough to send me running to the local store to learn more about it.  Here are the four things that set ACE’s ATM service apart and win customers over in the process. 

1. ACE Service Associates Stand on Your Side 

Store employees go out of their way to help retrieve your money from your bank.  Sounds peculiar doesn’t it?  And it should.  Just consider for a moment how banks limit the amount you can withdraw from their ATM on a daily basis?  ACE doesn’t. Most financial institution allows withdraws of $200 or $300 increments per calendar day.  What if you need more than that?  You’re just out of luck. 

2. No Limit on Withdrawals 

At ACE Cash Express there is no limit to the dollar amount you can withdraw.  For instance, if your account balance at Bank of America is $4,000, ACE will allow you to withdraw all of it whenever you wish.  Why?  Because it’s your money!  Somehow banks have forgotten that.  Customers join their clubs only to have money rationed out like a child’s allowance.  It hardly seems fair and I hope I’m not the only one who sees the irony in that.   By using the ACE ATM service, you can enjoy unlimited access to all of your money and that's the way it should be. 

3. Down to the Penny Processing 

One of the most interesting benefits of the ATM service is naming your withdrawal amount.  If you’d like to take out $56.20 from your bank account, it’s okay.  ACE won’t force you to take out cash in pre-set increments of $10 or $20 like banks do.  Likewise, if you happen to find yourself between paychecks and with a low balance of $17.21, you could stop by ACE and withdraw the full amount down to the penny.  It’s your money, you should be allowed to swipe your card and take what’s yours.  Unfortunately, most banks don’t permit transactions under a certain amount.  What if you needed your bank’s ATM to release that small balance to buy groceries until your next payday?  Sorry but you’re out of luck.   

4. Banks Won’t Do This 

Before leaving my local ACE store, I thanked the helpful young lady behind the counter for educating me and then I asked one final question.  “Do your customers really value this service?”  A wide smile spread across her face when she answered.  “If I had a dime for every time people come by here when they couldn’t get money from their bank’s ATM, I’d be on vacation in Hawaii.  Our ATM service can be the difference between customers having food to eat and enough gas money until payday.  Banks won’t do this to help people out.  ACE does it every single day.” Companies that look for ways to offer game changing service often discover a host of new customers who appreciate their efforts to make life a little simpler.  At ACE Cash Express, our ATM service does that… every single day. 

 Written By Victor McGlothin Victor writes money management tips and other financial hints for ace cash express.  Before joining ace, Victor wrote several bestselling novels and worked in upper management in the banking industry.  When Victor is not helping consumers with responsible spending ideas, he’s working on a “Talking Money Tips” audio book.  Follow him on twitter @iwritemoneytips  and @acecash  www.facebook.com/acecashexpress -Bio